Welcome to Kids in Spanish Preschool

Spanish Immersion Program

Your child will learn a valuable second language in a fully immersive Spanish environment with native Spanish-speaking teachers.

Reggio and Montessori Philosophies

Our teachers are trained in and inspired by the Reggio and Montessori approaches to education which encourage your child’s input and creativity.

Comprehensive Development

With a wide range of activities including arts and science, imaginative play and physical activities, our teachers will engage your child’s cognitive, language and motor skills.

Why Kids in Spanish Preschool

Kids in Spanish Preschool is founded and run by two native Spanish speakers who have a passion and love for educating children in an inspiring, immersive environment. We make learning fun because we educate with love and respect in cooperation with parents. Immersion is the best way for children to learn a new language that will benefit them throughout their lives. At Kids in Spanish Preschool, we not only provide a positive language learning experience but a full program of creative, physical and cognitive development to challenge and encourage your child.

Meet Our Teachers


Our teachers have been teaching Spanish to children for 10+ years. Additionally, they have experience applying the Montessori method, 10+ years experience in social work, 5+ years as a level 3 child development supervisor and certification in the Reggio-inspired philosophy.

Classroom Facilities

Classes are held at the newly renovated Cedarbrae Community Centre. The location is ideally situated in a forested park with an adjacent playground to encourage physical play and exploration of the natural world. Classrooms are bright with large windows to inspire children to consider the environment around them, a key factor in Montessori and Reggio philosophies.

Facilities also include creative art supplies and ample space to create and display artwork. Classrooms are designed to allow children to explore educational materials and self-initiate learning experiences in hands-on, active ways. Finally, ample space will be provided for story, music and dance activities.

Reggio and Montessori Approaches


The Reggio inspired philosophy  and Montessori method of education reflect the interests of the children in different learning areas. Students have input and control in their educational experiences and parents are also partners in the educational process.

Tactile, hands-on materials are used extensively in the classroom for enhanced sensory education. Natural and recycled materials are used with the purpose of protecting our environment. Science, art, pre-math, music, stories and free play are all an integral part of the classroom experience.

Spanish Immersion

Students will learn Spanish through a gentle immersion program. Teachers will use a mix of English and Spanish to welcome students into the program at the beginning of the term and gradually transition to a fully Spanish environment.

Students will learn Spanish through stories, songs, class projects and conversation with teachers and other students. All aspects of the program will ultimately be delivered in Spanish, and students will develop a wide vocabulary and conversational skills in Spanish. For example, students will learn to sing songs, tell stories, make presentations and identify colours, months, days of the week and many other vocabulary words in Spanish.

Hands-on Learning

Kids in Spanish Preschool incorporates physical and cognitive learning opportunities in each class. Activities include outdoor exploration walks, sport and playground games, singing, dancing and dramatic acting.

Cognitive learning is accomplished through drawing, painting, sculpting, crafts, story-telling, show-and-tell, science experiments, counting and math activities and imaginative play. A nutrition break is included in every class.

Registrations Now Open

Registrations for the Fall 2019 session our now open.
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Preschool Program

Classes start

September 9, 2019

Class 1: 8:45-11:45

Class 2: 12:00-3:00

Sign up for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days per week in either the morning or afternoon sessions as convenient for you and your child’s schedule!

Summer Camps 2019

July and August Sessions

Now open for registration

In addition to the regular preschool program, Kids in Spanish Preschool is proud to offer two weeks of summer camp programming. Summer camp programs will run from 9-12 on 5 consecutive days. Summer camps are delivered primarily in Spanish with some English to support students’ language learning.

Summer camps will included a variety of activities similar to regular preschool programming with an emphasis on outdoor activities, science, arts and crafts, music and dance, and more.

Our Students

We ensure a safe and respectful environment for all our students. Students are encouraged to participate fully and build community. To further these goals, classes are kept small with a low student to teacher ratio.

  • Ages 3 – 5 years
  • 15 students per class
  • Trained and certified teachers in each class
  • No prior knowledge of Spanish required
  • Respect for other students mandatory

Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities

Enroll Now

To book a visit or enroll in summer camps or preschool program, please send us a message in the following form. We are happy to discuss how Kids in Spanish Preschool can help your child learn and grow!